After-dinner or stage show

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René is officially “Germany’s best comedy-magician”, because he won the comedy-magic category at the previous German Magic Circle’s Magical Championships, held in Saarbrücken !

René’s stand-up cabaret show is ideally suited to an audience of up to approx. 80 people, whilst remaining intimate enough for everyone to become involved. It can be combined with mix and mingle close-up magic during the reception, close-up magic at the tables, or both.

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In the cabaret show, René uses slightly larger objects than for close-up magic. Among other things, a padlock is used to find the matching key, a borrowed banknote magically locates the spectator’s signed card in a pack held by him since the very beginning of the trick and a signed card ends up in a solid piece of cheese !!

Duration: between ten and 45 minutes.

The stage show is best suited to a larger audience (100 people or more). This could, for example, be an event held in a large hall with a dance floor or stage and stage lighting. The duration of René’s show is up to approx. 45 minutes. All tricks are clearly visible ‘from the back’. His magic includes two bicycle pumps that are separated but somehow mysteriously connected, coins are caught from thin air and the drawing of a playing card becomes animated on a drawing pad.

Audience members actively participate in the show and René uses his unique sense of humour and sleight-of-hand skills instead of “big magic boxes” to amaze and astound.

The artiste can provide his own PA system and wireless microphone.

IMPORTANT: If you prefer a (world-wide) virtual show, René still provides these using a choice of Zoom, MS Teams or Webex. For more information, please see HERE


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