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After a fairly uneventful birth in a Nuremberg hospital in 1969, René decided that staying in one place for any length of time was not for him. During a family holiday in the UK, his parents fell in love with this small island and decided to move to London in 1975.

René, who was six at the time, took the move in his stride, learned English faster than you can say, “Abracadabra” and became the first 100% pure German with an authentic English sense of humour (no joke!).

Thanks to the English tradition of having magicians entertain at children’s parties, René encountered his first ‘magic man’ at the tender age of seven (or was it eight?). He caught the magic ‘bug’ but was side-tracked by various youth clubs, scout groups and sports activities until finally coming to his senses at the age of 17, when he applied for membership of, and was elected to join the exclusive Magic Circle. His magic career developed constantly from that moment on, but he still couldn’t stay put.

After following his father back to Munich for one and a half years, he returned to London to complete his A-levels, study two more languages at university level (French and Spanish) and further profit from his English upbringing to go and teach the Queen’s native tongue in the land of the rising yen. Unlike other English teachers in Japan, he did not marry a local girl and thus eventually returned to Europe, his favourite continent, with his French girlfriend (and now wife) to finally(?) settle in Munich. He now has three teenage kids.

René is probably the only living German with a real sense of dry humour. This gets him into all sorts of trouble sometimes when conversing with ‘traditional’ Germans. The magic shows consist of miracles performed with anything from playing cards to bicycle pumps and tomatoes (!). All this delivered with his unique deadpan humour and natural wit. René can perform his shows in English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese (!) depending on the nationality of his audience. He is Associate-Member of the prestigious Inner Magic Circle.


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