Close-up & strolling magic

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On 20 October, the showbiz journal “Künstler-Magazin” presented René with the Close-Up Magician of the Year award at an exklusive awards ceremony near Stuttgart. At the beginning of 2020, René was named Magician of the Year (Prestige Awards Munich).

René specialises in walk-around ‘close-up magic’ (sometimes referred to as table-magic). Besides Munich, he also performs all over Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, the UK & USA.

Corporate testimonials

Table or close-up magic means that everything is performed up close to the spectators, sometimes even in their hands. All the props (cards, banknotes, elastic bands, rings, spoons, etc.) are stored in his pockets as he walks around greeting guests with incredible magic. Also known as ‘mix ‘n mingle magic,’ this form of entertainment is good for ‘breaking the ice’ at conferences, exhibitions, cocktail parties and weddings where the guests do not necessarily know each other. Anything can happen: balls multiply in spectators’ hands, signed cards are mysteriously found stuck to the ceiling, wedding rings penetrate through the wall of a balloon and all sorts of other incredible illusions happen while guests stand and watch in amazement.

As a strolling close-up magician, René performs for guests standing in small groups or seated. Individuals actively participate and, most of the time, the magic happens right ‘under their noses.’ The intimate setting ensures that these illusions are even stronger and no one can say it was all done by mirrors and with the aid of camera tricks.

Close-up magic is ideally suited to larger halls without a stage or at events held in a series of adjoining rooms. These could be cocktail parties and receptions. René can interrupt his performance at any time if there are speeches, etc. He usually covers between 30 and 60 people per hour in this way.

IMPORTANT: If you still prefer a (world-wide) virtual show, I’m still offering these using a choice of Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype. For more information, please see HERE.


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