Close-up show

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IMPORTANT: Due to the Corona-Pandemic and its current restrictions in Germany and elsewhere, I’m currently offering online magic shows using a choice of Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype. For more information, please see HERE

A close-up show is a performance with smaller objects performed at a table, either standing or seated, for everyone at the same time. This is popular at smaller family reunions as pictured above or at conferences or open days, where the magician has a set location and time slots spread throughout the day.

Typical props are banknotes, cards, balls, cups, elastic bands, safety pins, mobile phones and pencils.  The audience usually stands and/or sits around a table and can follow everything at very close quarters, hence the name 😉 People are all the more astonished when the magic happens ‘right under their noses’


  • Wed 26 May 19.00 Uhr

    HocusPocus Magic Slam

    Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeld (Säulensaal), Fürstenfeld 1, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

  • Fri 28 May 15:30 Uhr

    Der Zauberstab mit drei(!!!) Enden

    Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeld, Fürstenfeld 1, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

  • Sun 30 May 18.00 Uhr

    Close-Up Soloshow

    Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeld (Close-Up Circus-Zelt), Fürstenfeld 1, 82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

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