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Here’s what the spectators had to say about Rene Mazing’s Edinburgh Fringe debut in August 2017:

Kaweh Beheshtizadeh

Fantastic show, absolutely brilliant mixture of comedy and magic. My wife and I really loved it and we would certainly want to see his show again. Very funny and outstanding magic tricks

Hamish Allison

A brilliant show.
The perfect balance of magician skills and humour to keep everyone thoroughly entertained.
Not expensive, a great show for all the family, a great dry sense of humour and definitely one to watch in the future. Rene should be on TV for sure.


Really enjoyed the show. He had me laughing out loud with his dry sense of humour and the illusion & magic was really, really good. Took 2 teenagers who were entertained totally and want to see him again. Good value. Definitely worth the price!!

Jay Marsden Bullen 4 days ago

Brilliant show! He has a good mix of charm, humour and talent when it comes to his magic.

kevin brett

Really enjoyed it. Still don’t know what was a forced choice and what was sleight of hand. Entertaining and worth seeing.


Alle Termine